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So you're curious what brought this about huh?

The artwork of Ryan Almighty has is fueled by isolation, individuality, madness and a taste for the morbid. Born to a single mother in rural Pennsylvania Ryan started life not knowing quite where he fit in. While the other kids played sports and enjoyed the treasures that small town America had to offer, Ryan spent much of his time alone drawing zombies and images of death.

Adolescence was also a challenge for Almighty.. An awkward and eccentric kid with a growing hatred for the jocks and cliques that tormented him on a daily basis Ryan found comfort in Horror Films, art and punk rock. Ryan made a point of provoking those that he felt tormented him through art, elaborate pranks, and self expression causing concern to his guidance counselors and teachers, When asked what he wished to be as he transitioned into adulthood he would proudly say "a mortician"  Fueling the fire at this already awkward age the Satanic Panic of the 80 was in full swing mass hysteria was in full swing young Almighty (as well as any other teenager wearing black or riding a skateboard) was being pegged as a Cult member and child "sacrificing" ritual murderer by not only in other immature peers minds/imaginations  but authority figures as well.. The torment festered and manifested itself in more dark antisocial fantasies, self mutilation, and isolation..

Upon graduation Ryan moved to Pittsburgh to attend art school where a whole new urban world of punk rock and fellow weirdos opened up to him. Fascinated by pop art and Warhol in particular, Ryan Started developing his style with portraiture and pop images, still holding on to punk ideals and dark sensibilities..

After his graduation Ryan headed back to rural Pennsylvania and landed a job at the Warren State Hospital for the insane where he found great inspiration for his artwork and started his first very own punk band called VIKTOR 44 & THE ACT OUTS. They were self destructive had a bleak outlook on life, and we're destructive and unmanagable. Almighty and his band (Heavily Influenced by GG Allin) set out to provoke and piss off all the "cool kids" and 20 somethings attending early 1990s shows and forming what reminded Almighty of high/middle  school cliques. The shows were filled with anger, self mutilation and a use of blood for shock and assault on the audience. As a side note The guitar player of this band "Sonny" went on to be a long time member of The Murder Junkies who were GG ALLIN himself's last band. It was during this period where Ryan started tattooing and doing graphic art/illustrations for underground performers such as ANTiSEEN, Jeff Dahl, eXtreme elvis and countless others...

A trail of destruction, a couple suicide attempts and a fair share of illicit substances later Ryan had a choice to make was it time to die and allow himself to self destruct or use his natural talent for art to make a living in a confusing and unhappy world... Ryan chose the latter. In the Winter of 2001 Ryan opened up a tattoo studio in Jamestown NY and became a respectable business owner.. The studio was a success and Ryan managed to build a very successful business. He made the decision to modify himself with horns, split tongue, pointed ears, etc to thumb his nose at those that condemned him in his teenage years in the name of Christianity/"goodness" accusing him of being a satanist and member of a cult that never actually existed.

After 10 years of comfort, success, and notoriety Almighty started becoming disillusioned with the state of body modification. As an individual it was becoming more and more disheartening to see the trends, cliques and over saturation and popularity of the body art industry turn something so revolutionary into something so cutthroat and shady. After a trail of cutthroat business partners and bad relationships. Owning a tattoo studio was no longer fun and the ugly reality of cliques, drama, and status driven politics seemed to be permeating body art Almighty was suffering severe depression and burn out... After a particularly bad relationship Almighty decided to paint a Baphomet illustration commissioned by a friend in his own blood and the birth of Almighty's style of human blood painting was born. Almighty fell in love with a style he developed and knew he was on to something when his rivals tried to use the art to attack him and his colleagues chose to try to emulate his newly found style. It was about this time Almighty started traveling to The San Francisco CA area to promote his art and tattoo among  artists with skill that challenged and renewed his interest in the medium.. Upon return from a CA trip Almighty returned to NY to face hostility and personal attacks from the local government over his paintings utilizing human blood. With threats of raiding his home and sore from too many stab wounds in his back Ryan moved his collection of Oddities to The Bay Area of CA and chose to start over in life leaving his business behind to start a new life and adventure. Almighty was not only welcomed by the Bay area locals with open arms but treated like family by a slew of talented artists at TIGERS BLOOD SOCIAL CLUB most notably owners Joe Parker (tattoo artist extraordinaire') and SAMMYTOWN (Fang) 

But all good things come to an end. Tigers Blood closed its doors over the age old evil of a clash over money. Sammy and Joe parted ways. which meant no room for Almighty's Museum.... With that and an increasing disdain ffor PC culture, the obsessive political climate and the EXTREMELY high cost of living Almighty moved on again

Almighty can now be found traveling and enjoying the freedom of a traveling artist, He recently made international news by including the cremated ashes of Charles Manson in a series of blood paintings which has stirred interest and controversy among not only Manson critics but followers as well. The first of the series now resides in Zak Bagans Haunted Museum in Las Vegas..

  Almighty's rendition of Poe is displayed in Richmond Va. at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum and many of his pieces are on display internationally in galleries and collections of distinction. Almighty is kept busy with commissioned work and new projects all the time the sky is the limit for the possibilities of this unusual work. Not too bad for an artist that left his home town over constant harassment and attacks from his colleagues and local authorities.......